Terms of Reference


Under the terms of the EMBL Australia Establishment Agreement, the EMBL Australia Council will oversee the appointment of an Executive Group which will be chaired by the EMBL Australia Director (now called the Scientific Head) and will include the heads of the EMBL Australia Partner Laboratory Network hub and nodes, senior managers of core facilities and key administrative staff (Clause 4.2). This executive group is called the EMBL Australia Leadership Team.


The primary function of the EMBL Australia Leadership Team is to assist the Council in fulfilling its strategic planning and financial responsibilities for the EMBL Australia initiative. 

The Executive Committee of Council shall:

  •  Assist the EMBL Australia Scientific head, the EMBL Australia Council and the EMBL Australia Scientific Advisory Committee in coordinating EMBL Australia activities
  •  Facilitate the interactions and collaborations between Australian institutions and EMBL
  •  Develop and implement selection processes (jointly with EMBL)
  •  Provide general support to the EMBL Australia Scientific Head and the EMBL Australia Council as required from time to time.


The role of the Executive Committee of Council will be to prepare for Council consideration and approval the overall long-range planning policy and direction of EMBL Australia, and to monitor EMBL Australia’s economic performance. The Committee should make major decisions on matters for which it has delegated responsibility or recommend major decisions to the Council with respect to the following:

Reporting arrangements

The Scientific Head shall present a verbal and written summary report of the Committee’s deliberations drawing significant items to Council’s attention at its next full meeting.


The EMBL Australia Leadership Team Committee members are:

Professor James Whisstock Scientific Head EMBL Australia
Maree Trovato Chief Operating Officer EMBL Australia
Professor Peter Currie Victoria Node EMBL Australia
Jane McCausland Student Program EMBL Australia
Professor Andrew Lonie Bioinformatics Resource University of Melbourne
Professor Steve Wesselingh SA Node SAHMRI
Professor Kat Gaus NSW Node University of New South Wales


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