Professor Brandon Wainwright

Brandon Wainwright

Director, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland
(07) 3346 2110



Professor Iain Mattaj

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Professor Mattaj was born in St. Andrews, Scotland. He studied biochemistry at Edinburgh University (UK) and completed his PhD studies at the University of Leeds (UK). Following his PhD, Prof. Mattaj carried out postdoctoral research at the Friedrich Miescher Institute (CH) and then at the Biocentre, University of Basel (CH) before joining EMBL Heidelberg as a Group Leader in 1985.

Professor Mattaj became Coordinator of the Gene Expression Unit at EMBL in 1990 before being promoted to the position of Scientific Director in 1999.  Professor Mattaj was appointed Director General in May 2005.

Dr Silke Schumacher

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Dr Schumacher studied biology at University of Hamburg (Germany) and completed her PhD studies at the University of Paris (France). Dr Schumacher carried out postdoctoral research at the National Institutes of Health (USA) before joining Merck KGaA as Business Development Manager. From 2001 to 2003 Dr Schumacher was Managing Director of Anadys Pharmaceuticals Europe GmbH. She joined EMBL in 2003 as Cooperation Manager and was appointed Head of International Relations and Communications in 2005.

Universities Australia

Professor Rob Saint

Rob Saint thumbnail

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Flinders University
(08) 8201 2758

Professor John Carroll

John Carroll

Head, Biomedical Sciences, Dean, Faculty of Biomedical and Psychological Sciences, Monash University
(03) 9902 4381

Professor Sarah Russell

Sarah Russell

Group Leader, Cell Biology Laboratory, Centre for Microphotonics, Swinburne University
(03) 9656 3727

Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes

Professor Andrew Sinclair

Deputy Director, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
(03) 8341 6424


Professor Frank Gannon

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Professor Frank Gannon
Director, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
(07) 3362 0203


Dr Paul Savage

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Research Director (Manufacturing) and
Program Director, Biomedical Manufacturing, CSIRO
(03) 9545 2523
 Mob +61 (0) 407 357 776

Dr David Hansen

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CEO, Australian e-Health Research Centre, Health & Biosecurity, CSIRO
(07) 3253 3610
Mob +61 419 646 108

Bioplatforms Australia

Andrew Gilbert

Andrew Gilbert headshot

General Manager, Bioplatforms Australia
(02) 9850 6201
Mob +61 410 538 648