The Martino group is focused on combining knowledge of immunology, stem cells, and bioengineering, to understand how the immune system modulates tissue repair and regeneration. By leveraging discoveries from the lab, the group aims to engineer effective strategies for repairing and ideally regenerating damaged tissues.


To make regenerative therapies a more widespread reality, we must better understand the interactions between the multiple actors that shape a regenerative microenvironment. In particular, tissue injury is generally associated with the activation of our immune system, which is a key regulator of the healing response. For example, excessive inflammation often leads to scarring/fibrosis and loss of functions. In addition, our immune system most likely affects the regenerative capacities of transplanted stem cells and pro-regenerative molecules such as growth factors.

The primary goal of the group is to reveal mechanisms by which the immune system modulates tissue repair and regeneration, by using genetically modified and chimeric mice. Several types of tissues, including bone, muscle, and skin are used as models. 

Ultimately, the group aims to engineer efficient regenerative medicine strategies that integrate a control of the host immune system. 

  • Dissecting how the innate immune system affects tissue-resident/transplanted stem cells and growth factors activities. 
  • Understanding the immune modulations of stem cells and regeneration by T lymphocytes. 
  • Developing effective systems for delivering stem cells and cytokines/growth factors, using biomaterials and protein engineering.
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