News / 18 March 2016
Max Cryle Headshot

A/Professor Max Cryle, Senior Research Fellow and EMBL Group Leader at Monash University has been instrumental in helping his final year PhD student (based in Copenhagen) access crystallisation facilities at EMBL- Hamburg. Max has worked closely with Matthias Willmanns, Head and Coordinator of the EMBL-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Imaging, to secure access to this remarkable facility.

EMBL facilities in Hamburg are offered to researchers worldwide but what makes this particularly unique is that, as part of EMBL Australia, we are considered standard EMBL members and not an external user.

As a result, the costs as a user are roughly half of external users. As an EMBL member our PhD students will have access to robot training and biophysical equipment and all the required support will be free. This is an amazing facility and the timelines for use are short, staff are quick to respond to requests and the facility allows for remote access to the data.

Max joined EMBL Australia in January this year from the Max Planck Institutes for Medical Research in Germany.

We wish Max and his student every success as they establish and explore new scientific networks between Australia and Germany.