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Annual Report 2015 cover

In 2015-16, EMBL Australia moved into a new phase with the renewal of Australia's associate membership of EMBL funded by the Australian Government and a new governance structure.

This coincided with a change in both the Chair of the EMBL Australia Council and Scientific Head of the organisation and the continued expansion of the Partner Laboratory Network.

EMBL Australia Newsletter - June 2016

Newsletters / 1 July 2016

News this month:

  • Professor Matthias Hentze, Director, EMBL Heidelberg – public lecture ANU, 4th July

  • EMBL Australia showcase – 5th July, 2016, John Curtin/ANU College of Medicine and Environment
  • Max Cryle awarded Otto Schmeil prize
  • Australian student travel grants now open for 18th EMBL (Heidelberg) PhD Symposium
  • Calls for applications for EI3POD program (EMBL Europe) now open
  • Third EMBL Australia PhD student symposium, 16-18 November, 2016
  • SAHRMI EMBL - Heidelberg Postdoc Opportunities
  • ARC – Winter school course in mathematical and computational biology, 4-8 July
  • EMBL-ABR hosting Galaxy Australasia meeting (Melbourne, 3-9 February 2017)

EMBL Australia Newsletter - May 2016

Newsletters / 1 June 2016

News this month:

  • Profile – Chair of EMBL Australia Council – Professor Brandon Wainwright
  • Professor Kat Gaus, NSW node, building the next generation of innovative microscopes 
  • EMBL Australia – PhD Scholarship Program 2017
  • EMBL - Heidelberg Postdoc Opportunities
  • Reminder - 18th EMBL (Heidelberg) PhD Symposium: 10 travel grants available to Australian students

EMBL Australia Newsletter - April 2016

Newsletters / 28 April 2016

News this month:

  • EMBL Australia council decision - New Scientific Head, Professor James Whisstock
  • Update on name change - BRAEMBL is now EMBL ABR
  • 10 travel grants to attend the 18th EMBL (Heidelberg) PhD Symposium

  • Positions vacant

  • EMBL Australia showcase, 5 July 2016, Canberra

EMBL Australia Newsletter - March 2016

Newsletters / 30 March 2016

News this month:

  • Profile - Matthias Hentze, EMBL Director, Heidelberg
  • A/Professor Andrew Lonie invited to present at the ELIXIR hands on meeting in Barcelona 
  • Max Cryle secures accesses to crystallisation facilities at EMBL – Hamburg 
  • A/Professor Vicky Schneider presented at CSIRO/DATA61 Open FOAM Meeting

Notice board:

  • Call for Nominations - Appointment to the EMBL Scientific Advisory Committee 
  • EMBL Australia seeking to identify active collaborators with EMBL scientists
  • Internships still available for MSc or PhD students at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals