Cell Motility and Mechanobiology

The Biro Group investigates how immune cells locate and kill cancer cells, adopting multi-disciplinary methods encompassing biophysics, cell biology, immunology, cancer biology, advanced microscopy, image analysis, and mathematical and coputational modelling. 

Biro Group 2019

From left to right: Jorge Luis Galeano Niño (PhD student), Daryan Kempe (postdoc), Manuela Ecker (PhD student, Rossy lab), Sophie Pageon (postdoc), Feyza Colakoglu (research assistant), Maté Biro (group leader), Szun Szun Tay (postdoc), Jessica Mazalo (PhD student), James Cremasco (PhD student), Satya Arjunan (postdoc), Jacqueline Tearle (PhD student), Florence Piastra-Facon (visiting student, ENS Lyon), Matt Govendir (PhD student).


  • Killer immune cell motility and search for cancer cells
  • Emergent/collective behaviour in immune cell populations
  • Mechanics of cytotoxic interactions between immune cells and tumour cells
  • Search strategy optimisation (theory and computational modelling)
  • Imaging and quantification of actin cytoskeleton dynamics
  • Mechanics of motility and cell polarisation
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